There are times when your mind doesn’t function regardless of how you try to keep it in active mode. This is normal for every person to feel less motivated. What you have to do is allow this idleness to stay its course, but you have to divert your attention to something else that will make your mind working again.  Don’t push yourself to do things when your mind is not in good form. You will only waste your time. Instead, try to make some modification to return your interest on your previous work.

What are the Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated When You Are Down?

Depression is a very complicated condition even for the most iron-willed individuals. It doesn’t matter if you are down because of medical or issue or after a break-up, depression can make basic tasks like taking a shower, cleaning the room, and even getting out of bed so hard. Depression can drain your mentally and physically. It is essential to keep motivated to keep on living your life and work towards feeling better, although you at your lowest point. If you are down because of hard to solve problems, here are some practical ways that you can motivate yourself during the lowest point of your life.

Practice self-compassion.

Depression goes along with self-criticism. If you beat yourself up for being lazy and unproductive. You are going to keep yourself feeling like paralysed. Instead, try to use similar motivating words you may apply for a loved one or a friend. In case you can’t find the words, browse online for some self-compassion quotes.

Make the Objective to Do It, Not to Enjoy It

Once you are feeling depressed, you will lose interests in things that used to bring a smile to your face. Sports are no longer exciting, comedy is no longer comical, and spending time with family and friends is no longer appealing. Depression and anxiety take over, resulting in feelings of defeat and detachment. Therefore, when doing something active or fun, do it with the aim to do it, not to enjoy it.

Keep Away from Negative Thoughts 

Our brains digest no matter what ideas we create, therefore feed your mind with positive ideas. Browsing the net, or reading the news, talking to someone who leaves you feeling negative or drained, revisiting sad stories, all these can affect your mood and motivation. Instead, concentrate on feelings of appreciation. Read an uplifting story and keep away from negative people.


Opt to positive relationships, encourage people to hang out with you if you feel up for it. Give volunteering a chance as well. Helping somebody in need will get your mood better and it also boosts your enthusiasm to get out of bed and go on with your life.

You Need Rest

When you are feeling down, chances are you will feel drained and weak. Sleeping too little or too much affects your frame of mind. It is advisable to take enough rest. 8 hours of sleep a day will help you keep motivated.

Do Some Routine Workout

There are times that this is so hard to do, but try to force yourself to do it. Try walking around your room, then slowly move outside your backyard, then walk a little distance until you can walk further away. If you are a bit motivated to walk and gradually recharging your energy, continue a little stretching until you will perspire and releases endorphins that are natural antidepressants in your body. Once these are released, you feel motivated again back to working mode.

Start a New Task

If you initiate a new work, you feel thrilled to do it right away, but don’t make a radical move to act. Just take the first small step until you become recovered entirely from previous depression. If you think someone can help you, try to seek their suggestion to ease you and recover fast.

Refresh Mind with Nature

Make it a routine to always go out from your room, and refresh yourself with the magnificence of nature. By merely walking down your yard, touching flowers and seeing the birds and butterflies flying makes you refreshed and renewed in spirit as well as mental block. From your backyard, you can unwind in the beach and see the rolling waves kissing ashore. The sound of the coming waves to the shore forgets your issues and makes you more relax as well as feel motivated to go back to your work.

Stick to Your Vision

Think about how you want to get your task done, and what it means to you in the first place. It is but natural that you have a sense of low energy and can’t continue with your task. But, if you think you want to reach what you desire, then using your vision you will help to be motivated to your timeframe.

Don’t Give Up No Matter What it Takes

Don’t give up no matter what its cost. You will feel better with time and the average time for self-care a priority. Once your discharged energy is recharged back to working mode, don’t stop until you are right to the finish line. Your achievement becomes apparent as you go on with your tasks to the final end.

If you are feeling down or when you are stuck up, and nothing happens regardless of your hard works, just read these tips illustrated above to recharge you back to working mode and feel motivated to get your goal done.