It is no longer a surprise to know that families today are using technology more than ever before to communicate and get connected with each other. With the help of the latest gadgets, you can keep in touch with your loved ones anytime and anywhere. Listed below are some of the best gadgets available that can help you communicate with your family even if you are in the other part of the world.

Mobile Phone

From communication to music, game, and photograph, cell phones have met all your multimedia desires. This is a fast and efficient way to communicate with your loved ones. Mobile phones are simply the best gadgets you can own.

Making is the fastest way to keep in touch, yet often the most expensive. But, there are many ways to cut the cost. To use your cell phone abroad, it must be in a tri-band GSM. Ensure it is compatible with any SIM card in the world. You also need to ensure that your mobile phone isn’t locked to the service provider in your country. This allows you to use it and any local SIM card.

Laptop or Computer

Laptop or computer is also one of the most used devices to keep in touch with your loved ones. With the help of a fast internet connection and an app, you can track the situation of your family members anywhere you are and any time of the day.

Apple Watch

Apple watch is also a very useful gadget available to keep in touch with your loved ones abroad. It has Digital Touch feature that allows you to send taps, sketches, kisses as well as a heartbeat to family members.


Made particularly with seniors in mind, this gadget is a part band, part app, and part screen for keeping in touch with ageing parents. It has Bloomview screen which is housed at your parent’s home, while Bloomband is worn by your parent. The screen senses once the band is close by and any messages or photos you have uploaded in your app instantly come up on screen. The best thing about this gadget is that it doesn’t have confusing keys to fuss with. This is why it is perfect for ageing parents who don’t have mobile devices. Aside from keeping in touch with loved ones, this also acts as a medical alert system and an activity tracker to keep track your parent’s safety and health.

Logi Circle

It doesn’t matter if you want a peek into a member of the family or simply keep monitoring of what is going on in your own. Logi Circle camera is the best choice. You can keep in touch with your loved one wherever you are. Two-way talk utilizing Android app and iOS and live High Definition video, assures instant contact when needed. What is more, you can set alerts for a special activity.


A remarkable part of keeping in touch with loved ones is to know where they came from and knowing more of their life experiences. EveryStory allows anyone to record a personal colour commentary to a picture. It doesn’t matter if it is a birthday party of a family picture from 30 years ago. Obviously, it is up to you to digitize those outdated family photos.

Skylight Frame

For loved ones who are always pleading for pictures, this gadget is the best way to keep them pleased. With the use of Wi-Fi connection, you can email pictures to your loved ones. The pictures magically appear, in spite of the place you live and the location of the frame as well. This gadget features a seven-inch display. It can hold about thousands of pictures. There is also a touchscreen capability and allows you to browse pictures or freeze on a preferred one.

The Egg

The dreaded pop-up alerting you to declining storage is a real annoyance. This can be addressed by The Egg. The Egg is also known as a personal cloud gadget. It does the whole thing from storing data, import pictures from various kinds of gadgets like phone, camera and GoPro. This also acts as an internet access point. This gadget provides up to 256 gigabytes of storage. It also works with Android and iOS apps to transfer and access content. Long videos to your mom from your Maldives holiday can now be stored and sent straight from The Egg, once your phone runs out of storage space.


Bevy is a new gadget that allows your loved ones to save and preserve memories in a single location. You can use this gadget anywhere you are in the world. If you have this gadget, you can access your loved ones who want to upload pictures. This also allows you to see new pictures of your loved ones. This also allows you to create favourites and albums, all from an application. It is a smart way for family members to keep connected. What is more, the 1TB model can hold 400,000 pictures. That is a lot of memories to cherish.


Are you looking for a new family phone to track the situation of your loved ones? Look no further than ILY. This gadget is geared towards members of the family regardless of age who don’t want to be dependent on a mobile phone to stay in touch. ILY is a Wi-Fi enabled phone. It is a good alternative to parents who do not have cell phones but want the benefits of video calls. ILY can be obtained for a very reasonable price.


Consider the gadgets above to keep in touch with your loved ones. These are proven to be useful and effective in knowing the situations of your family members from afar.